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PCOS is a chronic condition that cannot be cured completely, but with the right treatment,we can manage and reverse the symptoms like irregular periods, weight gain, facial hair,acne, hair loss, etc by lifestyle based changes in the long term. PCOS can recur if you switch back to your sedentary lifestyle and hence its highly suggested to stick to the lifestyle changes incorporated in the treatment, for lifetime.

Yes we do treat individual symptoms, through that speciality physician. You needn’t be diagnosed with acute PCOS to participate in CysterCare. If you need treatment with a particular issue/symptom of PCOS, we can take care of that, individually.

Your doctor team will understand your unique medical history & preferences to determine the best course for you. If your treatment requires it and your doctor prescribes it, we’ll suggest that option. But the decision lies with you. We focus on creating a holistic PCOS wellness plan that requires very little medication/drug intervention.

Yes, CysterCare has made this as a completely virtual/online program. From the doctor consultation, nutrition consultation, to live yoga & fitness classes and sessions with your therapist and meditation coach, every aspect of your treatment is made online to be easily accessed by you at the comfort of your home.


Regular Questions

Absolutely yes. But we can assure you that such a situation will not arise because we have cherry picked our doctors, nutritionists, fitness trainers and others from the premier institutions of the country and they’ll do their best to get you back from this condition, with utmost sincerity, emotional support and empathy.

Depending on the severity of the symptoms and the treatment plan chosen, one should see minute changes by the first month and visible changes by the 3rd month. Ultimately the recovery speed depends upon the consistency and determination of the individual, which we will help with.

We believe in a holistic wellness and integrated cure model which will help you fight PCOS and its symptoms in an informed and precise manner, countering it with a switch to the top 0.1% lifestyle which involves conscious nutrition intake, consistent physical activity and cognizant mental wellness.

Yes, our platform is virtual and is available all over the country. We also provide our services in the major vernacular languages.

A care-manager will be your primary touchpoint / go-to person who will be available to answer any of your queries. They will understand your problem and connect you with the right doctors and help you navigate through our various plans to help you choose the best one for you and hand-hold you throughout your treatment journey.

No, there isn’t a trial plan, but you can try out our individual programs like yoga retreat,fitness/zumba class, 1-time meal plan and many such programs to get an idea of what we offer. These programs are available at an extremely low price, and are easy to sign up for. You can also participate in our CysterCare Community activities, where we campaign for PCOS awareness and Women empowerment.

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